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ideafoster is an innovation consultancy firm focused on helping companies generate and prototype ideas on new products and services through
fast innovation.
We help companies unlock their creativity and discover excellent opportunities through agile methodologies and our state-of-the-art start-up ecosystem.
We move innovation forward.
Why us?
The three P's:
Our innovation methods are based on understanding every project as a chain of three P's: Pre-totype, Prototype and Pilot:
1. Pre-totype
Using just a portion of the amount required to develop a full project, we can deliver a fully designed product that can be shown to clients and potential users to study its viability.
2. Prototype
Once the pre-totyping phase is finished, the prototyping phase will develop a fully-working Minimum Viable Product (MVP). And there is some good news: the budget spent in the first phase is 100% reused in this phase.
3. Pilot
After developing the solution, a pilot is prepared. Legal, branding, and marketing partners can be invited to join to improve the potential success of the pilot.
What makes us different
We’ve built an innovative ecosystem of state-of-the-art partners that work together with us to deliver innovation in a more agile and effective approach.
We work with...
... a number of medium and big corporations in fast innovation processes.