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The essence of Fast Innovation in an inspirational keynote

When people have fun,
they start to think big!

Can you imagine motivating your team while prototyping a business idea in just a one-hour conference?

While the audience learns essential innovation concepts - as well as engaging anecdotes about different formulas for successful innovation, the ideafoster team designs a fast prototype based on a novel idea generated by the participants. By seeing the Fast Innovation method in action, people are highly inspired to let their creative juices flow.

Motivate teams to develop their own creative potential.
Demonstrate the efficacy of our Fast Innovation method.
Inspire people to meet new challenges with proactivity.
Clients say:
Awesome, inspirational presentation. The use of real examples was so powerful.
We need to embrace this way if thinking, working, innovating!
This is what we need to hear. If we can work in this new way even just 10% of the time it will make a difference.
Fantastic energy and engagement.
Very well delivered.