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+ Full internal or external testing of prototypes on real users

+ Analysis & recommendations on future implementation

Generate & launch ideas that transform
a business

Our Fast Innovation Program has already helped well-known companies all over the world accelerate their innovation processes.

The program lasts 2 weeks. Participants from the organization are stimulated to generate ideas that can be brilliant solutions to particular business challenges. Before selecting the 5 best ideas, participants with different backgrounds and expertise are brought together to ensure that the ideas are evaluated from multiple, unbiased perspectives.

Interested in our Fast Innovation Program?

Each of the selected ideas is prototyped by our partners’ ecosystem as a stand-alone project with no link to the client's brand, to avoid diluting its value during the testing phase.

Depending on their nature and target, the prototypes are tested internally (through interviews, focus groups, and surveys) or externally with real-world users (through Facebook ads, Google ads, LinkedIn, and email campaigns).

Turn ideas into full testable prototypes