At ideafoster we promote a culture that embraces new ideas and their materialization.

This is why every year we develop one digital project to foster innovation across our team.

Our main goal is to stay ahead of innovation, entrepreneurship, and cutting-edge technologies by encouraging ourselves to constantly identify new challenges and opportunities to come up with innovative ideas and work on their development.

This enables us to boost our creativity and keep learning, and it also gives us the chance to explore new horizons and who knows... maybe develop a kick-ass idea that will change the world!

Our Labs projects


In 2015, we focused on the power of learning. We all shared the idea that the best way to learn is to learn from the best. This is why we developed Leaders University, an online training platform (in Spanish) that offers online courses led by global benchmarks in their industries with a unique and unbeatable visual quality.


2016 was the year where we proposed ourselves to bring back the love of every unique memory by helping children remember and relive the years of their lives that made them the way they are. This is why we created StepsLife, a time capsule to store the early memories of our children.