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We take up complex challenges through fast innovation methodologies to pursue both digital transformation and profitable growth. We work in a three-stage process, where each stage is devoted to a different area of the challenge:

Digital Safari

The Digital Safari is a consultancy research program conducted to identify trends across markets, competitors, and emerging startups in order to find possible growth areas and opportunities.

Moreover, we validate our research by collaborating with experts in different fields, with relevant experience in those markets & technologies.

The Digital Safari allows us to quickly set a custom guideline for streamlining the innovation process with each client, depending on their specific business challenges.

Fast Innovation

Our best-selling solution, the FIP is a 3-weeks program that includes ideation, prototyping, and testing around a defined challenge. In our energyzing ideation sessions, participants are stimulated to generate ideas that can be brilliant solutions to a specific problem. Best ideas are selected and then prototyped.

In order to determine the viability of each prototyped idea, and depending on their nature and target, they will be validated internally through focus groups and surveys, or externally with up to thousands prospective users.

Thanks to our agile approach and partners ecosystem, we can constantly adapt to our clients' changing needs in a dynamic way. Moreover, we propose practical pilot roll-out plans, in order to bring validated ideas to life.


By co-leading the implementation and deployment of successful prototypes, we help organizations with a crucial problem phase that often turns into a major blocker: moving prototyped ideas to pilots and production-ready projects.

We carry out the execution with a focus on end-to-end innovation: we help companies implement ideas through a full, customized technological development, thanks to our state-of-the-art partners ecosystem.

What our clients say:
"IdeaFoster brings to our company the right amount of agility and creativity to fly at startup speed."
Pablo Caballero
Capability Network Supply
Chain & Operation lead
"IdeaFoster has led the successful execution of several of our ideation to concept projects in our employee Innovation Accelerator Program."
Nick DeBlasio
Project Group Manager Employee Innovation
"IdeaFoster has led workshops and ideation sessions which have had great impact on the digita transformation process within the organization."
Andres Angarita Saenz
Professional Senior Innovation
"IdeaFoster has led open programs like the digital execution program where senior executives come to learn about implementing their digital strategies with excellent results and fast delivery."
Carlos Cordon
Director of Innovation