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May 17, 2023 • 2 min read

From Ideas to Action: An Insider’s Look into the Innoverse Innovation Program (Part I)

From Ideas to Action: An Insider’s Look into the Innoverse Innovation Program (Part I)


Are you seeking a roadmap for ideation? Or perhaps you’re aiming to accelerate product development within your company? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Innoverse, our unique innovation acceleration program designed to bring your ideas to life and transform your business.


Innovation accelerators like Innoverse are powerful tools for business transformation. They provide the perfect platform for employees to ideate, develop, and test ideas that address real challenges or facilitate improvement within a company. By fostering collaboration and productivity, we empower employees to think creatively and solve problems effectively. Let’s delve deeper into the process, showcasing how Innoverse operates both in physical and digital environments.


What are the steps of our innovation program? 

Ideation Session: A Melting Pot of Perspectives


Our innovation journey begins with an ideation session, an integral and vibrant phase of our Innoverse accelerator program.. This collaborative brainstorming stage encourages participants to think freely and generate innovative solutions to address the company’s needs. The open environment cultivates creativity and fosters fresh perspectives, laying a strong foundation for the subsequent stages of the program.


We believe that the best ideas are born from diversity, so we bring together employees from various departments across the company, each bringing their unique perspective to the table. It’s like a melting pot of creative energy and insight.


Ideation is more than just brainstorming; it’s about fostering a culture of curiosity and collaboration. It’s about encouraging participants to look at challenges from different angles and finding new ways to solve them. By having a diverse group participate, we can tap into a broad range of experiences and knowledge. From the marketing team to the tech department, from HR to logistics – every participant enriches the session with their distinct viewpoints.


In essence, our ideation session isn’t just a starting point; it’s a dynamic and inclusive platform that cultivates creativity, encourages collaboration, and lays the groundwork for innovative and transformative ideas to flourish.


Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas: Crafting a Blueprint for Success


Once the creative sparks have flown in the ideation session, it’s time to channel these ideas into a structured and strategic framework. Enter the Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas, two potent tools that enable participants to sketch the blueprint of their ideas.


The Business Model Canvas is a visual chart that breaks down the essential building blocks of a business model. Participants map out key partners, activities, resources, customer segments, channels, customer relationships, revenue streams, and cost structure. This canvas becomes the skeleton of the idea, providing an overarching view of how it could fit into the existing business ecosystem.


On the other hand, the Value Proposition Canvas zooms in on two critical components: the customer segment and the value proposition. It allows participants to articulate the unique value their idea brings to the customers and how it resolves their problems and satisfies their needs better than existing solutions.


In the Innoverse program, the Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas are not just strategic tools; they are the guiding compass that navigates the course of innovation, turning creative ideas into viable business strategies.



Stakeholder Maps and Context Map: Mapping the Terrain of Innovation


Navigating the path of innovation in a company is not a solitary journey. It involves multiple parties, each with their own expectations, needs, and influence over the project. To understand this complex network, we delve into the creation of Stakeholder Maps and a Context Map, crucial tools in our Innoverse accelerator program.


Stakeholder Maps visually represent all the key players related to the project – both internal and external. It could include everyone from employees, management, and board members to customers, suppliers, and even regulatory bodies. By mapping out these stakeholders, participants gain a comprehensive understanding of who holds an interest in the project, their level of influence, and their potential impact on the project’s outcome.


Simultaneously, we craft a Context Map, providing an aerial view of the company’s environment, including its mission, culture, resources, constraints, and market conditions. It paints a clear picture of the organizational landscape within which the idea needs to thrive.


Yet, understanding stakeholders and the context is just half the equation. The next step is to devise a plan to reach out to and engage with these stakeholders. By taking a proactive approach to stakeholder engagement, we can ensure a smoother journey for the innovation process.


In short, Stakeholder Maps and Context Map in the Innoverse program are like a GPS system, helping participants understand the terrain they are navigating, identify their allies, and chart a strategic course towards their innovation destination.


Target Persona and Market Mapping: Navigating the Innovation Landscape


The next step in our Innoverse accelerator program is a critical one: understanding who we are innovating for and the market landscape we’re operating in. This is achieved through the development of a Target Persona and Market Mapping.


The Target Persona is a semi-fictional representation of the ideal customer or user for the proposed idea. It delves into their demographics, behavior, needs, pain points, and motivations. This persona is not just a profile, but a tool to humanize the design process, keeping the end-user at the center of innovation.


Meanwhile, Market Mapping is an analysis of the broader market landscape, including potential competitors, market size, trends, and opportunities. It’s like creating a topographical map of the business terrain, providing a clear picture of where your idea stands in the context of the larger market.


The Target Persona and Market Mapping stage isn’t just about analysis; it’s about empathy and strategic insight. It’s about understanding the people we serve and the market we operate in, ensuring our innovative solutions are not just creative, but also relevant, valuable, and competitive.




Just the Beginning: Unveiling the Next Steps of Innoverse


In the first part of our journey through Innoverse, our unique innovation accelerator, we’ve explored the initial stages of ideation, business model and value proposition mapping, stakeholder and context mapping, and understanding our target personas and market landscape. Each step is designed not only to foster creativity but also to ensure that our innovative ideas are grounded in the realities of our business ecosystem, customer needs, and market trends.


The exciting journey doesn’t stop here. Stay tuned for the next blog post where we’ll delve into the remaining stages of the Innoverse program. We’ll explore how these ideas are validated, prototyped, and finally pitched, turning them from sparks of inspiration into tangible, transformative business solutions.


Thank you for joining us on this exploration of the Innoverse innovation accelerator, and we hope it has inspired you to think about how such a program could benefit your own business. Remember, innovation isn’t just about creating something new – it’s about creating value. And that’s what Innoverse is all about.

Stay tuned, and keep innovating!

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